Previously: Chapter One: "Where am I?"

Part OneEdit

A skull and a bow. That's what was floating above my head fifteen seconds ago. I look around and see some Demi Lovato-gods backing away from me until somebody screams, "RUN!" Everybody scatters and yells. 

"Hannah, come with me," says Chiron. I follow him through the chaos to a forest. 

"Oh my god, what in the world was that?" I ask him. Thunder booms overhead from out of nowhere.

"Gods." Chiron replies.

"Sure. Where am I, what were the things above my head, and what are Demi Lovato-gods?"

"You're at Camp Half-Blood, a place for the children of Greek gods and goddesses. The things above your head were a skull and a bow. This symbolizes the god Hades of the Underworld and strangely Artemis, who controls the hunt, who vowed to never have children. Demigods are children of these gods and goddesses. Your cabin choice is up to you."