Name: Electronite Bolts 

Electronite Bolts
The Shy Tribute
Age 13
District 3
Gender Male
Weapon Throwing Knives, Wire
Place  ?
Training Score 7
Made By HungerGamesFanatic21

Age: 13

Gender: Male

District: 3

Personality: Quiet, Shy, Loner

Weapon(s): Throwing Knives, Wire

Strengths: Smart, Stealthy, Fast, Hiding

Weakness(es): Weak, Swimming

Fear: Umbrellas

Interview Angle: Be shy and talk in short, smart phrases. Never look in his eyes

Training Strategy: Don't talk to anyone except for people from District 3 or 12 year olds. Also, he'll never even go towards the weapon, until lunch time were he waits a little longer to learn how to throw knives.

Individual Training Strategy: Throw knives and shoot rocks with your slingshot. He'll miss one entirely, hit one in the shoulder, hit one in the leg, and then in the heart for each. By the time the time he ends, he'll try to throw one last knife, but then have it slip in his hand and cut it.

Bloodbath Strategy: Run away without grabbing anything with alliance. 

Games Strategy: Stay with alliance and use your resources to stay alive. By the time the Games are about to end, he'll probably receive some sponsoring gifts for a weapons and he'll use them to win.

Token: Wristband that shaped like a lightning bolt, that loops around the wrist. 

Alliance: District 3, 12 Year old

Backstory: Electronite is very unusual. Unlike most people from District 3, he's never went to school. His parents homeschooled him and have taught him very well. He's very skilled with electronics and is even an inventor. I guess it wasn't that shocking since both his parents were inventors too. By the time he turned 8, he knew stuff that 10th graders were learning and he was very interested in it. By the time he was 10, he could just be finishing college. He was a little Einstein! He knows how to invent a device that tracts down the tracker in the tribute so he has a little advantage with that. His parents are both anti-Capitol. They hate the Capitol and are on a secret mission to destroy the Capitol. He has barely ever experienced anything in nature so there's a little disadvantage. One day (and sorry for being a little confusing), he was outside and it was raining. His parents gave him an umbrella so he could do research on the worm and suddenly, thunder  and lightning came. The lightning bolt hit the umbrella and Electronite quickly released it. He fall down, dazzed and his parents rushed out. He went to a hospital and ever since, hasn't even touched an umbrella.