Name: Hamor Basas.

Hamor Basas
Hamor basas
The Mean Tribute
Age 17
District 2
Gender Male
Weapon Sword, Bow and Arrows
Place 48th
Training Score 9
Made By Ben54ben

Age: 17.

Gender: male.

District: 2.

Personality: A jerk and thats realy all I can say about him.

Weapons: Sword, Bow and arrows.

Strangths: Strong, Agial, and good at makeing people feal bad

Weakness: Can not swim, not the most smart and not good with poison.

Fear: Geting stude up.

Interview angel: Mean.

Traning strategy: Look as good as posible.

Individual training stratigy: Same thing.

Blood bath stratigy: Stay with careers and fight.

Game stratigy: Stick with the careers.
Hamor basas

Hamor Basas- DIstrict Two

Feast strategy: Go in and try to kill as much people as posible.

Final battle strategy: Go balistic and kill them no mater what it takes

Token: N/A

Aliance: Careers.

Back story: It was the day of the reaping my favoret day when I got there I was hoping my name got called but it dident the kid from my class did the teachers pet he got all the atenchion but not this time "I volenteer."

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