Hannah Miller is one of the main characters and the main antagonists in Middle School, here I come!


Name: Hannah Miller

Hannah in her usual outfit

Age: 11

Height: 5'4

Strengths: Hannah's good at archery, like it said in first period. She's also very smart in math and academic subjects, and is pretty good at throwing knives. She's also very popular and uses that to her advantage. Lastly, she's very stealthy, as she tends to listen to other people's conversations when they think they're in a hallway alone.

Weaknesses: Hannah's main weaknesses are her athletic skills. She's not that fast or strong. However, she is a very good swimmer. Hannah's also very rude.


  • Her locker number is 301.
  • She is based off of MissRandomStuff. Her friends are based off of MRS' friends as well. 
  • Even though she's basically MRS, her creator wanted her to be mean. 



Hannah has a younger sister named Ella Miller and her parents are Catherine and Timothy Miller. She also has a dog named Kitty.

Best FriendsEdit

Ella LewisIsha WilsonLindsay Stewart, and Mary Thomas are her best friends.


Lucy Tillington and her best friend Tabby Ross are absolutely hated by Hannah. Hannah also hates Angelina Patterson.

Tribute InformationEdit

Name: Hannah Miller

Age: 15

Gender: Female

District: 5, 1, 3

Personality: Hannah is a rude, spoiled girl. She has to get what she wants or she'll pout for a long time. However she's very smart, and if you get to know her for a long time you'd find she's really nice. But she never forgives people.

Weapons: Throwing Knives, Bow and Arrow, Poison

Strengths: Aim, stealth, plants/berries, swimming, dodging

Weaknesses: Not too fast

Fear: Spiders, skunks, bees, wasps, and bugs in general.

Interview Angle: Sly and funny

Training Strategy: She will work on survival stations and try to unnoticed.

Individual Training Strategy: She will try to get a seven or eight so she goes unnoticed.

Bloodbath Strategy: She will brab a bag from the outskirts and run away. She might grab a weapon if it's not very risky.

Games Strategy: She will hide for the majority of the games, putting poison in people's food and water.

Feast Strategy:

Final Battle Strategy: