Name: Jared Holland

Jared Holland
Jared HollandMRS
The defiant tribute
Age 14
District 3
Gender Male
Weapon Trident, wire, hand to hand
Place  ?
Training Score 5
Made By ProdigyofTheGames

Age: 14

Gender: Male

District: 3

Personality: Extremely smart and takes all opportunitys even when it may cost someones life, also very defiant to the capitol.

Weapon(s): Trident, Wire, Hand to Hand 

Physical Appearance: Stocky build, ruffled brown hair, 125 lbs., 5'5

Strengths: Skilled with trident, very persuaive

Weakness(es): Falls in love easily

Fear: Being screwed over by his rashness

Interview Angle: Sarcastic

Training Strategy: Show off all his skills and use his smarts to make others look stupid

Individual Training Strategy: Take nap

Bloodbath Strategy: Get hands on weapon and run

Games Strategy: Sneak up on people and persuade them into trusting him only to turn on them.

Feast Strategy: Form a plan to kill everyone that goes.

Final Battle Strategy: Try hardest to win

Token: Tiny wooden ball, plans to throw by another tributes panel before the gong rings so they blow up.

Alliance: No one 

Backstory: A family he loves back home 2 little sisters he would do anything for and plans to volonteer to win and get money to get medicine to cure his 2 little sisters of their terrible dieseases.