Name: Logan Hunter

Logan Hunter
Logan Trores
The Cocky Killer
Age 18
District 2
Gender Male
Weapon Throwing Axes, Spears
Place  ?
Training Score 10
Made By Equestria Gurl

Age: 18

Gender: Male

District: 2

Personality: Logan is typically mean and cruel, and doesn't care about anybody else. He's got a swelled head but thinks he's cool despite being liked by nobody.

Weapon(s): Throwing Axes, Spear

Physical Appearance: Lunaii

Strengths: Logan's a very good Career tribute; he's strong, fast, and he's good at hiding and dodging things.

Weaknesses: Logan's got a swelled head as I said. He is also not too good at climbing mountains or cliffs.

Fear: Logan's actually afraid to climb very tall things.

Interview Angle: He'll be fierce and funny at the same time.

Training Strategy: He'll join the Careers and make himself leader of the alliance.

Individual Training Strategy: Logan will use throwing axes and 'pull a Katniss' by throwing a spear at something the Gamemakers are paying attention to rather than him. He'll also do weightlifting.

Bloodbath Strategy: Logan'll run to the Cornucopia, and grab spears and throwing axes. Then he'll kill as much as he can. 

Games Strategy: Earn the Career's trust so that he can kill them in their sleep when their are fifteen left.

Feast Strategy: Stay in the Cornucopia and kill whoever goes to the feast unless they are a Career.

Final Battle Strategy: Logan'll kill anybody in sight using axes, both melee and throwing.

Token: Bracelet that has the seal on it

Alliance: Careers

Logan Trores

Logan Trores- District Two

Backstory: Logan was born in a small town, one that was hardly known in District Two. The good thing about that though, is that the Career academy wasn't very crowded. His parents let him train as long as he wanted whenever he wanted, not for the money, but because his parents love Logan and will be so proud if he comes back a victor. Logan was constantly bullying people that did worse than him with either schoolwork or in training, so he had a few friends, the other bullies, ones that were older than them. One day, Logan was fifteen, the boys got in a fight with him over what they were doing, and one guy pulled out a knife. Logan found himself running. He found a sharp blade on the street.

"Stand back," he said. The boys, who were all eighteen, chuckled and approached Logan. In self-defense, Logan stabbed the guy with the knife in the stomach. Another guy picked it up from him. He cut Logan's arm, but Logan cut the other guy's hand, causing him to drop the knife. logan ran for his life, to the nearest police/peacekeeper station. Logan explained what happened, how he was hanging out at the park, and Richard, the one that got a knife in the stomach, pulled out a knife. The other guys were arrested. Logan kept training, and never gave up until his last reaping day, when he volunteered.