Lucy Tillington is the main character and the main protagonists in Middle School, here I come! The story is told from her point of view.



Lucy in a normal outfit

Name: Lucy Tillington

Age: 11

Height: 5'3

Strengths: Lucy's very kind and very athletic. 

Weaknesses: Lucy's known as the "new girl" and isn't very popular. She's not too good at math, and she's gullible.



Lucy has an older brother and her parents are named Linda and Scott. 

Best FriendsEdit

Tabby Ross and Josie Nelson are her two best friends. Josie still lives in San Francisco but Tabby lives in the same neighborhood as Lucy. 


Lucy's first crush is Carson Sanders, wh sits by her in math class.


Lucy hates having enemies, but she's not very fond of Hannah Miller or the other Popular Girls.

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