Name: Pearl Illitize

Pearl Illitize
The Positive Pinky
Age 14
District Capitol
Gender Female
Weapon Blowgun
Place  ?
Training Score 7
Made By Kaeghan-is-a-Tribute

Sex: Female

Age: 14

Height: 4'11

District: Capitol

Physical Appearance: Pearl has turquoise eyes and light skin. She has pink hair with orange streaks.

Weapon: Blowgun

Strengths: She is quite fast and is always positive

Weaknesses: Easily scared, very small, not to strong

Personality: She is always positive and says yes (see backstory to see why.) She is very smart and doesn't really hang out around people often. She is kind of anti-social.

Backstory: Pearl was born in the Capitol and had an older brother who was 19 at the time named Retro. Retro was a criminal and always stole from other people. He was very defiant and always answered no. One day he was

Pearl Illitize- Capitol

caught by some Peacekeepers and taken away to a Capitol prison. Pearl never found out if her older brother was killed or if became an Avox or still remains in a Capitol prison. The President one day took a visit to Pearl and her family and thought they were affiliated with the crimes of Retro. They denied it and swore it on their lives. The president beleived them but told them if they were to slip up they will all be killed. That is why now Pearl always answers yes and is always good. She is afraid of getting killed.

Fears: Being killed, meeting brother again

Bloodbath Strategy: Do not go to the Cornucopia if it is the last thing possible. Games strategy: Stay hidden, camouflage and hope for the best