Name: Shimmer Flickerman 

Shimmer Flickerman
The Cold-blooded Tribute
Age 16
District Capitol
Gender Male
Weapon Axe, Spears
Place  ?
Training Score 7
Made By HungerGamesFanatic21

Age: 16

District: Capital

Gender: Male

Personality: Jumpy, Upbeat, Happy, Crazy, yet has a hidden side of him few people have seen, but they're no longer alive because when they found was too late: he's a bloodthirsty killer

Backstory: Rarely anyone would see Shimmer as a threat or as a killer, but he secretly hides it. Nobody can even tell because he seems so happy and his makeup basically covers his entire face. But you can see it, whenever you look into his eyes because when you look close enough, you'll see blood in his eyes. It's as if he's looking through you and can't resist the temptation. I know what you might be thinking, but he's not a vampire. Instead he gets really upset which causes his eyes to change to red. Maybe I should take this back a time ago...back to three years before he was reaped. It was a week after the Games finished and his brother died coming in second place, his dad, Caesar Flickerman died from depression so he was no longer famous. This depressed him so he was going to commit suicide, the easiest way by being killed by a mutt. He used an axe to slice open the gate and ran away. Peacekeepers saw the gash adn went in the woods searching for him. When they found him, he was slowly being mauled by a bearbee mutt (a half-bear, half-bee mutt who had the body of a bear, but with yellow and black stripes with a stinger). The Peacekeepers chased the mutt away and grabbed Shimmer by the arm, but he didn't want to go. He sliced the Peacekeepers head off and the other three Peacekeepers started grabbing their guns. One of the Peacekeepers started shooting at him, but he dodged it and it killed one of the other Peacekeepers. The last two Peacekeepers were shocked for a second which was too long, Shimmer slashed one right in the heart. The last Peacekeeper was scared so he tried to run away. Just about a mile away from the fence, Shimmer had a clear view of the Peacekeeper so he chucked the axe right at his leg. His leg cut off and he dropped the gun just out of his reach. When the Peacekeeper crawled over and grabed his gun, Shimmer was right by him grabbing the axe. He sliced the Peacekeeper's arm with the gun in it. Shimmer left him there, taking the gun with him to bleed out. A local Capital child saw this and tried to tell the Peacekeepers so Shimmer followed 


Shimmer Flickerman- Capitol

him and killed him, leaving the body there until someone found it. This is his hidden secret he's held and everytime someone said they knew he killed someone, he would kill them.


Height: 6'

Weapons: Axe, Spears

Possible Allies: Capital, District 3, Anyone, but maybe not Careers