The 23rd Hunger Games were a Hunger Games made by MissRandomStuff on the Hunger Games wiki. 

The TributesEdit

Leon Volt

Shimmer Flickerman

Pearl Illitize

Yuka Blazer

Jasper Shatter

Nickel Diamma

Jasmine Shine

Rebecca "Golly" Shine

Logan Hunter

Hamor Basas

Zendra Junip

Vicki Diamonds

Jared Holland

Electronite Bolts

Karla Flake

Eliza Soniback

Jason Vernando

Kodai Hitogoroshi

Magma Cove

Nixie Calamari

Blaze Yang

Jackson Daville

Brooke Yin

Powwie Darknezz

Zak Slaughter

Yuki Kokyu

Mimic Slaughter

Faye Pythix

Woodchuck Oaks

Michael Wheatflaughter

Jonell Trillur

Duskus Sinrood

Shade Spectrus

Mist Scorchil

Violet Melody

Rose Couture

Jarcus Pollish

Ike Toussaint

Bailey Starshine

Wayde Heartby

Alec Cohen

Rover Dalmatti

Alecia Cohen

Faith Lunar

Ax Vorder

Kult Westbrook

Flittery Castell

Violet Scarlet

Nitro Neutren

Coatlin Miners

Robin Smoke

Thalia Combe

Acheron Bane

Ares Dos-Santos

Piper Quinn

Glow Frost


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