These are all of the tributes for The 87th Hunger Games.

The CapitolEdit

Louis HaymondEdit

Name: Louis Haymond

Age: 17

Gender: Male

District: Capitol

Personality: Louis and Callie have similar Personalities.

Weapon(s): Spears, axes, knives 

Louis Haymond

Physical Appearance: Lunaii

Strength(s): Strength, climbing

Weakness(es): Callie

Backstory: Callie and Louis are twins and always do everything together. They have a little sister named Kathryn. At the reaping, when Callie volunteers, Louis volunteers in her place.

Fear: Callie dying.

Interview Angle: Have somewhat the same as Callie's, but appear somewhat hostile.

Training Strategy: Stick with Callie and learn new weapon and survival skills.

Individual Training Strategy: Use spears and axes to impress the gamemakers.

Bloodbath Strategy: Grab some bags then run to Callie. 

Games Strategy: Hide and kill whoever walks by.

Token: Seashell from a friend in 4

Alliance: Callie

Callie HaymondEdit

Name: Callie Haymond

Age: 17

Gender: Female

District: Capitol

Personality: Sweet and kind to her brother, but she is very aggresive to people against her.

Weapon(s): Bow and arrow, Throwing Knives, and knives.


Callie Haymond

Physical Appearance: Lunaii

Strength(s): Aim and swimming, speed

Weakness(es): Her brother 

Backstory: Callie and Louis are twins and always do everything together. They have a little sister named Kathryn. At the reaping, Kathryn is reaped and Callie volunteers in her place.

Fear: Starvation and heights

Interview Angle: Tell how wonderful the Capitol is and promise to win for Kathryn.

Training Strategy: Don't try out for the Careers, partner with Louis and learn a few new weapons and mostly survival skills.

Individual Training Strategy: Do the gauntlets and then shoot a few arrows.

Bloodbath Strategy: Grab a bow and a few bags. Then run away with your brother.

Games Strategy: Hide in a cave/ house (depends on arena type) and kill as little as possible. Don't kill your brother.

Token: Blue necklace (like a "best |friends" necklace and Kathryn has the other part)

Alliance: Her brother

District OneEdit

Achilles LovelaceEdit

Name: Achilles Lovelace (cousin of Astoria Lovelace)

Age: 14

Personality: Sweet and humble. He's very tuneful, and has a strong passion for music and art. He's very talented, but doesn't show off his talents too much. He can also be very rebellious.

Weapons: Now that he's stuck in this mess, he'll try his hardest to wield a knife. When brawling, he'll protect 


Achilles Lovelace

himself with a shield. His weapon of choice will be his stealth and agility.

Skills: He's a great speaker and very charming. His kind heart may save him from others killing him in the games, as he will try make as many friends as he can before entering the arena. He's also a pretty good tree climber. 

History: Is originally a native of District 1, but moved to District 0 after his older sister, Angel, was murdered brutally in the games. She only lasted two days. Angel and Astoria Lovelace, his older cousin, were very good friends, and Astoria later lost her parents in a shooting. He's a very talented student in school and his teachers adore him. He does pretty well in his classes. Achilles lives with his mother, father, and adopted sister named Adora. He moved back to District One when he was twelve, however.

Temperance FrostEdit

Name: Temperance Frost (D1F) 

Age: 17

Appearance: Temperance has ochre blonde hair, rippling to her curvy hips. She has plum shaded eyes, peppered with innocence. Her skin is tan and glossy, and she's slim, but curvy.

Personality: Temperance is fussy and spoiled. She grew up bathing in luxury, and prefers things her way at all times. She's full of herself, bitchy and ruthless. She's sly and conniving, and won't go down without a fight.

History: Temperance grew up getting anything she desired. She has two younger sisters, Cleopatra and Alectrona, who follow in her footsteps of being a spoiled brat. Everyone liked Temperance for her cheerful and kind personality, but Temperance has a skill she shares with no one. Snake charming. Temperance once visited the pet shop for her thirteenth birthday, as she was getting a kitten, and while her mother purchased the kitten she later named Capella, she saw something slithering in a cage. She strided towards the cage, and inside was a majestic cobra. Mesmerised by the angelic snake, she stared into it's eyes with such intensity it lunged for her.

Temperance Frost

Temperance didn't show a hint of fear, she followed the cobra with her eyes, and soon the cobra was hypnotized by the girl infront of her. Temperance unlocked the cage, and the cobra slithered around her wrist and Temperance took it hope. After years of training the cobra in the comfort of her room, she could make it do whatever she wants. She kept it well tamed though, and fed it each day. It's now her weapon of choice, and will take it into the games no matter what the cost.

Weapon(s): Her main weapon is snake charming. She will sneak her snake, Luna, into the arena no matter what, but also has other ways of getting hold of snake. By whispering to them. She is the snake whisperer, her hiss can attract snakes from all over the world. If she can't get her hands on a snake right at the moment, she will wield a sword or scythe. But she's pretty good with poison too, and will try attain some during the bloodbath.

Skills: Snake charming. Swimming, tree climbing, hiking, archery, acrobatics, running, poison, stealth, evading strikes, martial arts and dagger throwing.

Strategy: She will put her snake charming to the ultimate test, calling snakes into the arena to guard her. If any tribute kills a snake of hers, she will track down the perpetrator and will torture the tribute along with all of her snakes. Temperance will frequently stop by camps to drop poison in their food and water supplies, and her snakes will do anything she desires. If the snakes are taken away from her, she'll hide somewhere (she won't ally with the careers), and will slay nearby tributes by either taking them on in duel, shooting them with an arrow or launching a dagger into their flesh.

Token: Her heart hair clips with golden rims. She will somehow get her snake into the arena.

District TwoEdit

Michael KaizerEdit

Name: Michael Kaizer

Age: 18

Gender: Male  

District: 2

Personality: Michael has a very calm and cool demeanor. Sometimes he tends to act cold. He tends to be merciless to his opponents and never gives them an opportunity to fight back. Michael always sets his objective's and he will do anything to accomplish it.

Weapon(s): Knife, Sword, Fists.

Physical Appearance: Michael is somewhat asian like. He has tan skin, his hair is black and is messy and also reaches his eyes. His eyes are brown and round. He is extremely handsome and has a muscular physique. Michael usually wears a black shirt, black combat pants and black combat boots. He is always seen with his

Michael Kaizer

black fighting gloves. 

Strength(s): (2-4)  His physical fitness is at peak physical condition. Survival skills are at a genius level. He is proficient in all forms of close combat. 

Weakness(es): (1-3) Loner. Does not know how to be hungry.

Backstory:  Michael was born in district 2. His father is a Peacekeeper there, while his mother worked as a plasterer. He gets along pretty well with both of his parents, and they are very supportive of him. When Michael told his parents that he wanted to be a career and join the hunger games when he grows up, they were proud of him because becoming a victor in the games would mean their son would be treated like a hero; so they sent him to a special academy in order to receive training.

He has received training ever since he was 5. When he was 8 years old he became the number one student in his class. He was Strong, Fast and Intelligent. No one in his class has ever bested him, both in mental exams and in combat. He was able to overpower and defeat his trainer at a young age of 10. When he became a teenager, no one wanted to be his sparring partner because all his previous partners suffered different severe injuries. When he turned 18, he decided that it was his time to be a career and enter the Hunger Games in order for him to test all that he learned from when he was a child.

Fear: Losing the Games.

Interview Angle: Act calm and cool during the interviews to get sponsors.

Training Strategy: Go to combat training and survival training first. Observe other tribute while they are training.

Individual Training Strategy: Show combat abilities and try to get a high training score.

Bloodbath Strategy: Head to the cornucopia and quickly grab a weapon and a pack. Kill any tribute near him and head to a safe place in order to make a camp and possibly a fallback position.

Games Strategy: Observe surroundings for food and water. Travel lightly in order to hunt tributes faster. Hunt any tributes, even fellow careers must be hunt down and killed in order to become the Victor.

Token: Black fighting gloves.

Alliance: None. (Lone Wolf) 

Lavender ToneEdit

Name : Lavender Tone

Age : 13

District : 2 or 8

Gender : Female

Height : 5`2

Appearance : Lavender has light voilet colored hair with darker, plum-colored highlighted hair in the front. Her hair is very sliky and smooth, and falls down in curls from her ears and down. Lavender has big, round mist-like silver eyes. She is very small and frail in stature, but that hides the fact that she is acually very strong and powerful. She has a small, round nose and very smooth and pale skin. She has arched eyebrows and big cheeks. She is often described as cute in appearance, but her personality makes her somewhat unnerving.

Personality : Lavender is a very quiet and insecure girl, thanks to everything that has happened to her in her past. She prefers to keep to herself and leave others be, which they often do. She is a huge coward and values her own life over everyone else. Some say she has no feelings, but she is just scared that if she begins to trust someone they´ll just die like everyone else. She is cold and distant when others tries to talk to her or help her, so most just give up on her. She is skittish and prefers to run away from her problems rather than stand and fight. She won´t hesitate to kill another tribute in the Games if it can help her survive longer or maybe even win. Even though she has a lot of skills that will help her in the Games she has no confidence she can win, she has very low self-esteem. Even though she has no belief in herself she is very determined to give the Games her best shot at least.

Weapons : Lavender hasn´t had any training for the Games, but she learns weapon skills very quickly in the

Lavender Tone

training centre. She picks up skills mostly at accuracy weapons, preferably throwing knives. She can also throw a spear if she doesn´t aquire any throwing knives.

Strengths : Firstly she has what the Capitol people call the "cute factor". She can charm the Capitol audience with her adorable looks and small stature. But just because she´s small and cute doesn´t mean she´s not physically strong. She is good at persuading and manipulating others to do her bidding, using her cute, innocent girl persona to trick others. She aquired good techniques with throwing knives at the training centre, she can hit moving targets while sprinting, even though she doesn´t always hits the bullseye. While we´re at sprinting, that´s one of Lavender´s best strengths. She can run very fast and for very long, making her hard to catch and therefore hard to kill.

Weaknesses : Lavender is very young and unexperienced, so there is a lot of things she doesn´t know about in this world. She is mediocre at best with other weapons than throwing knives and spears, so she maybe unable to defend herself if she fails to aquire said weapons. Running away doesn´t solve every problem, but Lavender doesn´t see that, she won´t be brave at all and run away if she can at every turn. Lastly she is not knowledgeable about wilderness and how to survive in it on your own, so she will need good sponsors and lots of supplies to keep alive.

Alliance : Nobody

Fears : She is afraid of befriending or loving someone, but then they die, leaving her heartbroken.

Interview Angle : Keep the innocent, humble little girl mask on, complementing the Capitol´s culture and kindness so she will earn lots of sponsors.

BB Strategy : Lavender will run away at once, and try to get as much distance between her and the other tributes as possible. Maybe grab something if she finds it on her way out, but ultimately stay clear of all the combat.

Games Strategy : Lavender will hide out for the most part of the Games, avoiding all contact with the other tributes. She will hide out in a hard to spot place and stay alive with sponsors and try to hunt some wild animals for food. She will always try to keep close to a water sorce, so she won´t dehydrate. She will only kill a tribute in the finale of the Games, and she will kill the tribute using some kind of trick, or maybe from a long distance.

Backstory : Lavender was born in a rich family in District 2, with one big sister and two loving parents. Even though she often argued and fougth with her sister they were very close, so was she with her parents too. They were very rich and never starved, like a lot of other kids across Panem. She didn´t train for the Games, as her parents were repulsed by them and would never want their child volunteer and then get murdered. One day, on Lavender´s 12th birthday, she was mailed a mysterious package in the post. It said; To : Lavender Tone. From : Ghost. At first Lavender was scared, her parents had warned her about opening scetchy packages. But then her childish longing and curiosity won over her, and she ripped away the brown paper to find a small music box. It was light purple, lavender like her name, with curious markings and carvings on formed like flowers. Upon deeper inspection Lavender saw that the flowers spelled a two words. Play me. Now Lavender was truly intriqued, and she grabbed the handle and spinned it around three times. Suddenly a soothing, slow melody leaked out of the music box, and Lavender really loved it. She decided to keep the music box. Which was her first mistake.

That night, when her birthday party had ended and all her friends had gone home, she wanted to show the music box to her parents and sister. She went down in the living room and played the music again, sure they would love it just as much as she did. Her second mistake. Instead of the normal, beautilful music an entirely different melody played now. It sounded oddly broken, the tones were chipped and the octavians .... muffled. Then, before Lavender even had time to stop the music, her family all dropped to the floor at once. All dead. Everything went so fast, the police and fire department rushed in, doctors in white outfits carried the bodies away and Lavender was left in the big house, all alone. Crying herself to sleep in the big armchair. Later the police concluded that the death cause was heart failure, but they couldn´t explain how all of them died at the same time and that all of them were perfectly healthy. None of them believed Lavender´s story about the music box, because it had mysteriously dissapeared after her family died. Since Lavender couldn´t prove anything they shunned her explaination aside, telling her that she was mentally unstable. She was forced to take session at the District 2 psychiatrist. Her life had turned into hell. She lost all her friends and stopped going to school, everyone kept calling her a psyco and said that she had killed her family and it was all her fault. And Lavender believed it.

Then, at the age of 13, she was reaped to compete in the Hunger Games.

District ThreeEdit

Jacob TheradolEdit

Jacob Theradol 
Jacob Theradol

Jacob Theradol


Mines, Spear


Astrid MaeEdit

Name: Astrid Mae

District: 3

Age: 16

Personality: Astrid has multiple personalities, going through constant mood swings due to her diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome. She has trouble with speech, learning to speak at a slow rate. Already being 16 she still has problems with pronunciation and stuttering. She’s been able to control over her Autism until now, where it eventually got the best of her and became a serious problem. She lacks common sense and thoughts are placed into her mind causing drastic mood swings. Although her disorder is serious, inside of her is a sweet intelligent girl. It isn’t known what’s floating in her mind, but depending on the state she is in, she can tell the difference between what is right and what is wrong. Although making careless decisions at points of time, she can surprise everyone depending on the state she is in. Sometimes she is unable to think straight, yet at other times she’ll be able to think clearly. Her parents find it a hassle to take care of her, but they’re happy to know that she’s trying her best to function in life as a normal human being and to fit amongst the rest of the group. She may be struggling due to her disorder, but she tries her best to take control.

Appearance: Astrid has short, messy amber hair and hazel eyes. She isn’t considered physically attractive, she isn’t thick nor thin. She has porcelain skin and she still continues to dress as if she was younger.

Strengths: Astrid used to study wildlife, planning to become a zoologist. Because of this, she knows quite a bit about nature and will have a better time adapting to an outdoor arena. Also, she’ll have a better time scavenging for food and finding shelter due to her wide sense of nature. She is a very gifted climber despite her autism, as if she
Astrid Mae

Astrid Mae

was born in the trees.

Weaknesses: Astrid has personality changes and autism, which can drastically affect her in the arena, by increasing casualties and decreasing common sense. She could attract opponents which could lead to a possible death. She also isn’t very strong, not the best at hand to hand. Without a weapon she’s nearly powerless while in combat, something she’d rather avoid if she had control over her mind.

Fears: Gelotophobia

Weapons: Knife

Weight: 120 pounds, 54.4311 kilograms

Height: 5 feet and 7 inches

Backstory: Astrid was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome at an early age. Social interaction, speech, pronunciation, and behavior were all issues dealt with the Autism Disorder. Astrid is impaired in eye contact, posture, and other nonverbal expressions used in social interaction. Because of this, Astrid acted as a repellant when it came to making friends, not being able to relate to anyone. Behavior issues have always been a problem of hers too, due to the thoughts flooding her head. Her constant mood swings are considered normal if you were to ask any member of her family, which could be either good or bad. Astrid has never been able to speak properly, slurring her phrases and stuttering. She was barely even able to talk until the age of 6, which is the age where an average child would’ve started first grade. What followed later as she aged was constant bullying, which caused her to become home schooled once she first turned 12. The bullying never left her even after homeschooling, which haunted her for the rest of her life. She was never able to escape it, and she didn’t wasn’t able to say how she felt. Once she was home schooled with her parents, she started to develop hobbies like most other children affected by an autism disorder. At first, her natural hobby had been the study of wildlife, and she planned to become a Zoologist in the future. Although suffering from autism, once she hit around 13 years of age, she became slightly intelligent despite her Autism Disorder. She was never able to express her intelligence, though she was always proud of what she had so far succeeded in life, and she planned big things ahead of her. Although she wasn’t capable of perfect grades in school, she had studied hard enough to succeed in her classes while home schooled, which doctors considered a miracle considering her severe Autism Disorder. However, her hobbies changed once she turned 14. Her Autism Disorder eventually got the best of her, become more severe than ever. In this case, she started to obsess over the Hunger Games. She wasn’t aware of how terrible and cruel the games had been, and she was blinded by her obsession because of her autism disorder. Her parents tried to discourage her of the obsession, but Astrid’s disorder got the best of her. She volunteered for the Hunger Games during a weak state, not knowing what had become of her. Not until she entered the arena did she realize what she had done was a terrible choice, and now she has to face her bad life decisions in the arena.

Token: None

Alliance: Astrid would die for an alliance, but wouldn’t try to find one unless approached since she fears of being bullied again, addition to the fact her mental disability would not allow her to do so.

Bloodbath Plan: It all depends on the arena. If it’s an outdoor themed arena with lots of possible vegetation Astrid is familiar with, she’ll only need to collect a simple weapon such as a knife or dagger near the outskirts of the Cornucopia and then she’d be fine. However, an arena with no vegetation would require more items to survive such as a backpack. Either way, she wants to flee the bloodbath as soon as possible.

Games Plan: She wants to stay nearly camouflaged; although she’ll stand out during her visit in the Training Center she’ll try to stay hidden throughout the games. She’ll hide herself somewhere where she’ll hopefully not be seen. She’ll want to camouflage herself with the wildlife so she isn’t very visible despite the racket she could make due to her Autism Disorder. If she plans to do any trouble in the arena, she’ll want to do it quickly and quietly as if she was never there.

Interview Plan: She’ll try to at least put up a suitable performance, but her interview angle could be anything depending on the state she is in. If she’s able to gain control for the time being, she’ll hopefully stay remotely normal and sly. However, if she has absolute no control of her Autism, she could do anything.

Training Score Guidelines: There isn’t much she could do to impress the game makers, but she’ll definitely try. If her Autism had the best of her, she’d at least try to be angry, maybe even frightening the Gamemakers influencing a good training score. However, for the time being while she has control of her temper and mind, she just wants to blend in and go unnoticed. She’ll most likely just demonstrate plant identification, climbing, and other skills that the Gamemakers that may not be too fond of.

District FourEdit

Alexander SnapperEdit


  • Interview Plan: Alex will be humorous, and try to win the Capitol over with his sense of humor. If asked about his training score he will say it was expected (if it was high). He will pull jokes and try to avoid talking about his past, as he doesn't want the Capitol to know so much about him.
  • Alliance(s): Careers, if they are extremely weak he will just go solo, knowing that it is pointless to ally with weak tributes.
  • Bloodbath Strategy: if Alex is a career he will run straight for the cornucopia, and grab a trident and a trench knife. First he will fling his trident at a near by trident, but he will aim to injure them, not kill. Then he will hide in the mouth and jump and unsuspecting tribute and shove his trench knife into their eyesocket. Alex doesn't want to kill though and will not kill tributes beyond self defense during the bloodbath.
  • Games Strategy: Alex will stick with the careers but, he will not lead them. While they're off killing and hunting, he will volunteer to stay at the cornucopia to protect the supplies. While doing that he will secretly plan how to destroy the arena or the force field so multiple tributes can escape. If another tribute comes to the cornucopia he will be forced to jump them with his trench knife. If he goes solo he will hide in the trees and jump down on unsuspecting tributes with his trench knife and stab them. He will ally with younger tributes if not with the Careers as well.

Skills: Coming from District 4; Alex is talented with anything water related, swimming, fishing and using nets. Alex is very fast, which is good for sneak attacking tribute. He's good at being quiet and bidding, another advantage when jumping unsuspecting tributes. Alex has an outgoing personality, which is good for making allies. Alex is also very strong and will be able to defeat tributes in wrestling, hand-to-hand and close combat. While Alex does not like killing, he has no problem doing so.

Weaknesses: Alex has a strong hatred for the Capitol, which could end up leading to his demise. Alex also has a compassionate side, and would risk his life to save a younger tribute. 
Alexander Snapper

Alexander Snapper

Fears: Ballistophobia; the fear of bullets. Ever since his siblings were gunned down by peacekeepers.

Weapons: A trench knife, a brass knuckle with a blade attached to it is perfect for Alex's sneak attack strategy. He will use the weapon to end other tribute's lives painlessly by driving it into their temples and eyes. Alex is also good with a trident, but he generally chooses not to use it because it causes pain to the victim.

Appearance: Alex has a light blonde color throughout the majority of his hair. His bangs, which he allows to grow very long, have been died a darker blonde. He has dark blue eyes and usually has a excited smile on his face. On his bottom right cheek he has a scar from when during training another tribute being trained accidentally cut his face with their steel claws. Alex is very muscular and physically fit, and considered attractive by many girls in his District.

Personality: Alex is energetic and fun loving, and has plenty of energy. He's pretty funny and humorous, which is why so many people like him. Alex is generally nice and isn't a big fan of killing. Alex is also pretty smart and doesn't run into battles like a banshee, and prefers a logical approach.

History: At first Alex grew up as your stereotypical District 4 tribute; wealthy, popular and a Capitol lap-dog. He lived in a HUGE mansion on the beachfront and attended a prestigious Career academy where he picked up his trench knife skills. He had a mom, a dad, two brothers and two sisters. One day when his parents were out of town on the other side if Diatrict 4, Alex was hanging out with one of his sisters and brothers on the roof of their mansion, which was fully equipped with a hottub and minibar. But then, a strong breeze came through, the waterfront reseeded and a low rumble shock the house. Before anyone could react, a massive tidal wave came through and smashed through the windows and walls of the house (And the rest of the town), but left the support beams intact, keeping the roof, and he and two of his siblings, above the water. One of his sister and brothers weren't so lucky. The wave washed his 7 year old sister out of the house and into a sharp tree branch, his older brother was drowned. In the aftermath he and his remaining siblings noticed the lack of Capitol relief aid and grew to hate their leaders. They formed a rebel group and blew up the justice building before coming out and gunning down peacekeepers that arrive on the scene. Backup arrived and his brother was shot in the head while the rebel group either ran or killed. He and his sister attempted to escape but a peacekeeper spotted them. His sister noticed this and jumped in front of Alex, saving him from the bullet that would have killed him. His sister slowly bled out as Alex jumped the peacekeeper and stabbed him with his trench knife. From that point on Alex decided that he would volunteer, not for the fame and glory, but to rebel against the Capitol and save some innocent teens in the process.

Token: A string bracelet he always wears, each bead on it represents each of his dead siblings.

Height: 5'11

Cassandra OracionEdit

Cassandra Oracion

Age : 15

District : 4

Gender : Female

Personality : Cassandra is quiet and insecure, feeling a lot more safer in the background of things. She doesn´t like attention and publicity, as she is a seer and therefore likes to keep out of the spotlight. She doesn´t trust anyone, she thinks people are just using her to find out about their future. But even though she has as good as isolated herself from other humans all she needs is a friend, because deep down she is a nice and cheerful girl. Even though she is very unsecure she isn´t a quitter, and she will fight for her survival.

Weapons : She used to go to the training academy in District 4 before she isolated herself, so she has some expeience with weapons, even though her knowledge is a little rusty. She used to practice with tridents and throwing axes and is quite good at them.

Height : 5`7

Strengths : As stated before she has trained at the academy in 4, so she has some preparation for the games. She can wield both tridents and throwing axes with immence skill, and she is both strong and fit. She will never give up, and she sees oportunities where others see hinders. She is quick and agile, and she specialized herself in deadly acrobatics, like going a summersault and then capturing a tribute in a headlock in midair. She is the perfect people manipulator, using her innocent persona to decieve others. She also sometimes get sudden flashes of another´s future, which she can use to her advantage in combat.

Weaknesses : Even though she is pretty strong she is very frail and small, and can´t handle too many hits. She is dead scared of water after the Capitol water tortured her, so she requires coaching to go anywhere near water. She can´t climb and she has never survived in the wild outdoors, so she has to have good sponsors or allies to avoid starvation. When we´re on allies, well, those are going to be pretty hard for Cassandra to get, as she thinks that everyone who is nice to her is trying to use her. Also she isn´t the smartest and will sometimes overlook important details. She can´t swim, too.

Alliance : Anyone, but no Careers.

Token : Her raindrop earrings.

Fears : Immence hydrophobia and fear of ohers pretending to be her friend but instead just using her for their own greedy wishes .

Interview angle : Cassandra will go for a cute, innocent girl persona for the interviews. She will try to charm the interviewer and the sponsors with her cuteness, but she will also hint on her great skills, so they won´t think she´s just a helpless, innocent girl. She will be mysterious and won´t tell the interviewer anything about her strategies or plans.

Bloodbath strategy : Cassandra will lap off her plate quickly, and won´t let anything distract her. She will use her superious speed to get to the cornucopia before most, and quickly grab a weapon, preferably a trident or a pair of throwing axes. She will then run away, finding her allies if she has any and grabbing as much supplies she can get her hands on, but not too mcuh as that may weigth her down. She will kill anyone trying to intercept her, and she

Cassandra Oracion

will stay a long way from the Careers.

Games strategy : Cassandra will hide out with her allies (if any), and try to stay alive. She will kill to get sponsors, as she hasn´t too much skills in survival. She will hold on to her allies (if any) until the final eight, when she will either kill them or leave in the night, taking all their supplies. From there she will go loner, killing off any lone tributes she can find and take their supplies. She will try to wipe out the Careers before the final four so competetion will be easier.

Backstory : Cassandra was born in The Capitol of two extremely poor people, Lillian and Tiberius Oracion. They loved Cassandra very dearly, even though they didn´t really have enough money to take care of her. They all often starved, but they were happy as a family. But when Cassandra was seven something happened that would change her whole life. When she was walking around in the sewers where they lived, overrun with rats and feices, her vison suddenly got all white. She saw her parents sending her away somewhere, a big bunch of cash in their hands and greedy looks on their faces. They were all standing outside of a very fancy house, far off from the slums where they really lived. Then it was gone, and the next time she opened her eyes she saw just filth and rats again. She got scared and ran home and told her parents. Big mistake. They understood at once, Cassandra had the ability to see small flashes of the future. Their faces slipt into greedy smiles just like in Cassandra´s vision and they took her at once.

A few days later she was sitting in a bullet-proof glass cage in a Capitol experiments lab, with a white bind in front of her eyes. Her parents had sold her to The Government, and now Cassandra was facing a life of countless experiments. The scientists were trying to find a way to harness her powers, if they only could swap her powers into a better source, then they would be unstoppable. They tested and tortured Cassandra on a daily basis, trying to pry her from the information they though she was keeping from them. But Cassandra didn´t know anything about why she could see, but when she tried to explain they shouted that she was a liar and continued. She eventually developed hydrophobia after extensive time with electrotorture. Each night she would try to break out of the glass cage and run away, but it was just as hopeless as each night. No progress made.

But one night, when she was ten, she woke up to a light knocking. She opened her eyes and saw a man outside her cage. But he wasn´t wearing a sciencetist´s coat or holding torture equipments. Instead he was armed with a huge sledgehammer. He smiled to her as he smashed the cage and hoisted Cassandra out. Then they ran for it. Peacekeepers and scientists came running out of rooms, but the mystery man was handy with the sledgehammer, and murdered them all. Cassandra was happy to see them dead, the poeple who had tormented her for so many years. Together they escaped the lab and hijacked a train that took them to District 4.

She was at her happiest when she lived with Caspian, the man who had rescued her, in District 4. The Capitol didn´t know where they had gone to, but if they did they would have a hard time finding them. Caspian was a victor, and he hid Cassandra inside his house at all times. The only exception of this rule was when Cassandra went to the training academy, each day except weekends, six ´clock. She had to disguise herself with a bright red wig and big, round glasses so nobody would recognize her. While there she introduced herself as "Lillian Persefone". She was happy with Caspian, and The Capitol never even came close to finding them. But that was all to change.

Caspian began to keep her inside more and more, and kept asking her about what she could see. First Cassandra wasn´t troubled with this, but she grew slightly worried over time. Why was Caspian asking her this? One night he came to her bedroom and lead her to the basement, Cassandra was very tired so she didn´t object. Once there Cassandra´s eyes widened in horror as she saw a glass cage, identical to the one she had lived in The Capitol. Cassandra tried to run away, but Caspian grabbed her and threw her inside. He slammed the door and put on a huge padlock. Cassandra cried and cried that night after Caspian had left. Would she ever find someone she could trust?

She was Caspian´s personal crystal ball for exactly three years. When she was thirteen she finally managed to craft a small clip from the glass and used it to pry open the padlock. She sneaked upstairs and saw Caspian sleeping on the couch in the living room. Cassandra knew what she had to do. She went to the kitchen and grabbed a sharp cutting knife with her chalk-white hand. She tip-toed lightly over to Caspian, and raised her knife and slammed it into his head. Blood exploded at her face, and she began to cry seeing Caspian´s cold corpse covered in scarlet blood. She hoised his body up and sneaked to the docks. There she dumped his lifeless body into the abyss of the green-blue waves.

After the murder of Caspian Cassandra stopped coming to the training academy and isolated herself completely. She had enough food to last for two years, but when she was fifteen she had to sneak out to get some supplies. She was about to slip into the house again when she suddenly was surrounded by Peacekeepers at every direction. She was taken in custody, she first thougt they were going to bring her back to The Capitol for more experiments. But they had acually uncovered that she had not just ignored all reapings, but also murdered her guardian. The sentence for such crimes was execution. Cassandra begged for mercy, and the peacekeepers found pity in her. They gave her one more chance. She would volunteer for The Hunger Games, or her head would come off. Cassandra agreed, she felt a small ray of hope now.

What was it to lose?

District FiveEdit

Uran KryptEdit

Name: Uran Krypt

District: 5

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Weapons: Sword and Spear

Strengths: Uran is very strong, and has great skill with close range weapons, and is great at close range fighting. He is also quite strategic, and knows all about everything that can happen in the arena.

Weaknesses: Uran is not the most logical though. He can think up a strategy, but it will not always work. He is not the best swimmer either, often getting rushed, and sinking beneath the surface of the water. He also is a bad climber.

Fears: Algophobia 

Uran Krypt

Token: Small golden locket on a chain

Allies: None

Backstory: Uran had a horrible life. His parents abused him since he was born, so he grew up being very tough and strict. He tried to spent as much of his life outside of his home though, just wandering through the street, and not really thinking about anything. But this still was not good enough. His parents abusing scarred him for life, and he knew he could never come back from this, and he was never just a normal child. As he could not really socialise with anyone, as he could not get attached. From an early age he knew he would never fall in love, he would never really do anything. He would be forced to be alone, as he could not trust anyone. It took away something important, but it also gave him something. It gave him a quality no other kid had, as he had a look on life, and thanked it everyday. But even this was not to last for this boy, as when he was 18, on his final reaping, he was forced to go into the Hunger Games, alone. Like he always was.

Personality: Uran is very strict with himself, and will not let him do anything at all that is bad for him. He is very intelligent, and knows everything about himself. He knows what he can handle, and will make sure he does not over strain himself.

Height: 6'6

Bloodbath Strategy: He will run into the bloodbath, and grab a weapon before retreating and killing anyone who gets into his way, with no exceptions at all.

Games Strategy: He will keep kinda low, but will fight anyone he meets. He will make sure to keep stocked up on supplies, and will only use stuff if he really needs to.

Interview Angle: Strict, confident and solitary.

Edge RedEdit

Name: Edge Red

Age: 16

District: 5

Gender: Female

Personality: She is very shy, so she doesn't interact very much with other people. Even her brother is a stranger. Although as soon as she got in the games, she decided she needs to start speaking up, if he wants allies. She has discovered her kindness.

Weapon: Axe (Throwing and Swinging)

Height: 5'5 

Edge Red

Strengths: Is Quiet, Sneaky, Fast Runner

Weaknesses: Killing People, She Just Can't Do It

Alliance: Anybody from 3, 5, 6, or 7

Backstory: Living in a giant Victor's home, made it where nobody talked to eachother. Her parents rarily remembered her. See, her father won a games, when he came back he started going on morphling. Soon his mother was atticted as well. (Alittle after her son's birth) Edge, who was born why her father, Dearic, was in the games, along with her twin, Sharp. After they turned to morphling, they forgot all about their children. Sometimes, they would attack them because they thought they were strangers.

Interview Angle: Alot like Foxface's, shy, quiet, answers with big words

BB Stradegy: Run, maybe get a backpack, depends who's next to her

Games Stradegy: Find atleast one ally, she knows she can trust and stay hidden

Token: Her mother's bracelet from her father. It's a string with gems from his victor's crown on it.

District SixEdit

Redlow FexpoEdit

Name: Redlow Fexpo


District Six

Age: 18

Weapons: Explosions, Mace

Appearance: Redlow is a tall and skinny boy. He has red hair and white skin. He is about 6'5 foot and has blue eyes. He has a small tattoo on the top of his arm.

Personality: Redlow is a nice and kind boy from District Six. He loves to be around people and his family. He has a small obsession and that is explosions. He likes to create his own 'mini' bombs. 

Redlow Fexpo

Backstory: Redlow Fexpo, A boy from District Six, living in one house with his parents and his three sisters. Being their first born and the only boy from his family. His parents have high hopes about him since he is a smart boy. At a young age they found out that Redlow adored explosions. They gave him a chemistry set for his birthday. He loved this. He started experimenting with the box and soon found out how he could make explosions. He always laughs when an explosion happens. People like him since he is very kind in District Six but his parents are getting mad at him. They love him but they hate the explosions. One day, when he skipped school he stayed home. Both of his parents were ill and he decided that he should try a new kind of explosion. He tried it and made it explode in their backyard. The impact was awful. The explosion was really powerful and it blew Redlock several back. When he got up he saw his house in ruins. He quickly ran inside to find both of his parents dead. He now had to take care of his sisters. He went into a depression for several months but he found himself and became a caretaker of his sisters. When he was eightteen and celebrating the last time that he could be reaped something terrible happend. The escort yelled Redlow's name. His sisters started to cry and scream but noone volunteered and Redlock was in the Hunger Games.

Strengths: Redlow's strengths are creating explosion and he knows how to create fires. He can make explosions out of the most simple object and plants. He will use this in the arena to trick some tributes, He know how to make fires because he needs them for his explosions.

Weaknesses: Redlow doesn't know how to swim and fails in climbing trees. There is a lack of trees in his neighbourhood and there are no lakes in District Six where he could possibly learn how to swim. He never used a weapon before but he will try to use a mace and his explosions.

Alliance: He will try to make an alliance with two or three other tributes.

Interview angle: Nice and charming. He will try to impress the Capitol with everything he has. He might even take his shirt off for them.

Bloodbath strategy: He will just grab a backpack and then flee the bloodbath with his allies. No need to stick around.

Rest of the games strategy: Stay hiden and prepare traps (explosions) to kill tributes.

Athena WhiteEdit

Age: 16

District: 6

Gender: Female

Height: 5'5

Personality: She is very mysterious and serious kind of girl. No one ever dares to come near her, afraid of her attitude. She's a blacksheep in her family. She's the rebel one. She seldom talks to her family except to her brother.

Weapons: Bow and Arrows, Axe, Knives

Backstory: She lives in District 6 with her family. They never had to sign up for the tesserae. But she is the


Athena White

blacksheep of her family. She hardly even talks to anyone except for her twin brother . When she goes to school, no one ever go near her, afraid of what she might do to them. She's a loner. But no one ever bullies her. She seldom have friends. But when she does, she'll be very protective.

Reaped or Volunteered: Reaped

Strenghts: She knows how to climb even the hardest trees to climb. She is also good at camouflaging herself.

Weaknesses: Killing her friends, mutts

Fears: Losing her friends

Interview Angle: She'll still be serious and answers the question with 3 or 4 words.

Game Strategy: Climbs high trees all throughout the games. But she makes sure that it is near a water supply.

Bloodbath Strategy: Runs away from the bloodbath and find a high tree to hide.

Alliance: None

Token: Red Ribbon 

District 6Edit

Harvey DentEdit

Name: Harvey Dent

Age: 17

District: District 7

District partner: Selena Kyle

Weapons: Crossbow, Knife

Skills: Killing,Torture,Running, Explosives, climbing, Hunting

Strategy: join up with the careers and kill as many as possible. Intimidate the careers into following him. Track down and kill Selena.

Weaknesses: His mental Instabilities, he has split personality disorder and is incredibly indecisive so far that he needs to flip a coin to decide wether the outcome of something will be good or bad.

Personality: cruel, sadistic, crazy, ruthless, indecisive.

Backstory: Harvey was a normal child in District 7. He lived in the richer part of the district in a mansion that would rival a victors house. One night Harvey couldn't sleep. He had the feeling something bad was going to happen. He decided to go get some milk to help him get to sleep. He was walking upstairs when he heard a noise. It was ever-so slight but he heard it. The creak of a window. He thought his parents must have left their bedroom window open but he heard it again. He disregarded it and went to bed. He was just getting comfy in his luxury bed, when he heard something else. Two things actually, the squeak of leather and the sound of a high-heel boot hitting their marble floor. And he knew exactly who it was. The cat. She was an incredibly infamous cat burglar who was
Harvey D

Harvey Dent

prowling the streets of District 7, but had been reported in other districts as well. He leaped out of bed and grab something to use as a weapon, and luckily he had a letter-opener by his bed, and a fairly sharp one at that. He made his way out of bed and heard the rhythmic sounds of his fathers sonars and his mothers oft hums. He sneaked downstairs into the lobby. And looked around. As his back was turned he felt something hit his back and he was sent flying. He turned around and there she was. They began to fight, him with a letter opener, her with her claws. She managed to sink her claws into his chest and she thought she had won. But the claws didn't go as deep as she had hoped. And Harvey took this moment to unmask her. And to his shock it was Selena Kyle. She was a girl, in a class 2 years younger than him. Shocked, Selena hit him, making him fall and bang his head off of the marble floor, and left. The last thing he saw of her that night was her standing on a window sill with her fathers money card in her hand. And this was more crucial than you think. Because in District 7 if you own the Money Card you own the money. No questioning the person. No proof. nothing. And that night the dents went from one of the richest families in District 7, to one of the poorest. They were evicted form their house within a month and were given a treehouse to stay in by the district. 4 days after moving into their new home, Harvey's father hung himself from one of the branches of his new home. This sent Mrs.Dent spiralling out of control, falling into a deep depression that she can never recover from. Her body is a carcass of what it used it be. Harvey's mental health began to deteriorate. Rapidly. He began speaking to himself and doing terrible things. He became nasty, sadistic and cruel. And all the friends he once had left him, one by one by one. And that made him worse and worse and worse. And endless cycle. One which he blames on one person; Selena Kyle. He has promised that he will kill her.slowly.Painfully. And he will make her feel the pain he feels Every.Single.Day.Of.His.Life.

Selena KyleEdit

Name: Selena Kyle

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Weapons: Whip, knife

Strength: Agile, Easy to be around, talkative, gymnastics, hand-to-hand combat, manipulation (when needed),

Weaknesses: insecure. Not in a ' 4 tonnes of makeup' way but an 'unsure of how good she is at things.' Very little self-confidence. Also scared of big massive people.

Fears: people who are pulsing with muscles,

Strategy: ally with one or two trustworthy people and survive. Split from the alliance at the final 8

Personality: Nice, Friendly, Talkative, won't back down form a fight, determined, fierce if you get on her bad side.

Backstory: Selena was conceived through rape. Her mother, unable to keep Selena because of this awful act, left her at an orphanage. She was raised in the orphanage were she developed a friendship with the manager of the
Selena K

Selena Kyle

orphanage, Lillian Isley. When Selena was the age of 12 Lillian was replaced destroying that friendship. The new manager was a horrible old man called Edward Nigma. He threatened everyone at the orphanage and beat them if they didn't do what he said. One day when Selena was on kitchen duty he came storming in and took the food that they had been preparing for that nights dinner and ate it all. This is when Selena snapped. She grabbed one of kitchen knifes and held it to his throat and told him that if he didn't put the food back then she would kill him then and there. Edward being the vile person he was, managed to break free from the hold she had him in and leant against the table feeling cocky and thinking that she couldn't. So she cut off his fingers. As a punishment Edward took Selena dressed her in a leather catsuit and whipped before raping her just like her mother was. That nigh though she snuck into his room, still dressed in the leather catsuit and strangled him with the whip before cutting off his head and sending it too his brother. Selena then found Lillian again and found out she had a adopted a daughter, Holly. Lillian adopts Selena and they all live happily ever after.... For a while. Turns out that Edward's brother was a mob boss. He found Selena, killed and tortured Lillian, tortured Selena before Holly eventually killed him. As Lillian was dying Selena made a promise to the dying woman to look after the 12 year old with all of her heart. Since then Selena has been working in the District from straight after school until midnight trying to make ends meet so her and Holly could live a normal life. She became very good at stealing though and soon quit the job in the district and set herself up as a cut burglar. When trying to steal from an old woman, the woman catches her and tells her she's good but could be a lot better under her guidance. So Selena and Holly moved in with the old woman and learned the tricks of the trade. However fate is not on these orphans sides, because the old woman dies the day before Holly's first reaping and Selena's 4rth.

District EightEdit

Cocoa CreamEdit

Name: Cocoa Cream

Age: 17

District: 8

Gender: Male

Skills: Spears, Knives, Snares, Hunting

Weaknesses: Wants to protect his sister more than anything. 

Cocoa Cream

Strategy: Is planning on allying with his sister and picking off the careers from afar. However, he doesn't know that his sister is planning on allying with the careers and leaving him.

Personality: Doesn't pay much attention to others and only hangs around his sister. When he is away from her, he is funny and friendly.

History: Both Cocoa and Vanilla are orphans that live in a foster home in District 8. Since they were little, Cocoa has been devoted to protecting his younger sister, and he plans on maintaining that even through the games. Though he sometimes is annoyed with Vanilla's selfishness and neediness, he will do anything for her. In this way, he acts a bit like a father figure, believing that she is an angel despite the fact that she is good friends with the most rebellious bad-boys in town. He has a job at a local textile mill to support the two, leaving Vanilla to herself during the day.

More info: Ally with Vanilla and no one else, keep Vanilla away from everyone else during training and learn survival skills, emphasize how much he cares about Vanilla in his interview so he can get sponsors, have Vanilla hide during the bloodbath while he goes to get supplies from the cornucopia

Vanilla CreamEdit

Name: Vanilla Cream

Age: 14

District: 8

Gender: Female

Skills: Swimming, Running, Camoflauge, Axes

Weaknesses: Not very nice, Thinks she's better than everyone else but isn't even close. 

Vanilla Cream

Strategy: Get in with the careers and kill them all during the anthem on the first day. She tricked her brother into thinking that she would ally with him, but plans on killing him.

Personality: Strong, Mean, Arrogant but easily upset when things don't go her way. She has complete control over her older brother who is constantly trying to protect her. Pretty much evil.

History: She and her brother Cocoa are orphans. Cocoa loves her unconditionally, so she is able to take advantage of him, allowing him to provide for her despite how ridiculous her demands are, and how bratty she can be. During the day, while Cocoa is working, Vanilla hangs out with a group of bad-boys who skip school, one of whom she is dating. The group often commits crimes such as theivery, assault, and arsen. However, Cocoa is clueless as to how evil Vanilla really is. She was extremely happy to be reaped, and as she expected, Cocoa volunteered in order to protect his sister. But all along, Vanilla has been planning to kill her brother as soon as possible in the Hunger Games.

More info: Secretly ally with careers and kill Cocoa, be kind in her interview so Cocoa doesn't discover her plan, show her strengths in training but try not to go to overboard, kill kill kill in the bloodbath.

District NineEdit

Milo AmaranthEdit

Name: Milo Amaranth

Age: 16

District: 9

Gender: Male

Weapons: Spear and Throwing Axe

Strengths: He is ok at handling weapons, and is decently strong from working in the fields all his life. He is very good at examining and identifying plant. His main skill though is his speed, especially on uneven ground.

Weaknesses: His eyesight though is not the best, and he can be easily snuck up on, but this also impares his use of long ranged weapons, as he is unable to shoot them in the direction he needs.

Fears: Scelerophibia

Token: None

Allies: None

Backstory: Milo worked with his family in the grain fields from the age he was 5. All the way through his life he was fed with the same boring food, and has the same repetitive day going on. He never hated his life, but he always longed for a life outside of District 9, where he could spend his days relaxing, eating exciting foods and having

Milo Amaranth

adventures, and his dreams were answered. One day, a hot summers day, Milo and his family were working in a field that was miles long, and they had to walk about 4 miles to reach the section they were assigned for but sadly the heat struck in waves, and one of the patches were burned up. It spread fast, and Milo lost his way. The smoke partially damage his eyes, blinding him slightly in the left eye. When he found his way back to his home, his family were in tears, 2 of his brothers had been caught in the flames and died. This hurt Milo greatly, and he hardly ever cared when he was reaped.

Personality: Milo is a calm minded boy. He is very relaxed, and has just lived his life as it comes. He knows all about plants, and is actually very intelligent, but partially blind which really has knocked his confidence, and means he is less outgoing.

Height: 5'7

Bloodbath Strategy: Milo will not go into the mouth of the cornucopia, and will just grab a bag from the outside of the cornucopia clearing. Then he will try and put as much distance between him and the other tributes, by going somewhere no one else would.

Games Strategy: He will keep moving, and will never stay in the same place for more than a day so that he won't be caught. He will keep stocked on food though, and always keep near an open body of water, so he can keep up on water.

Interview Angle: Calm, relaxed and intelligent.

Themis AsteriousEdit

Name: Themis Asterious

Age: 15

District: 9

Gender: Female

Weapons: Throwing Knives and Throwing Axe

Strengths: Accuracy. Themis has amazing accuracy, being able to throw weapons from long distances and strike with accuracy. She is also very fast, being able to travel long distances aswell.

Weaknesses: She is not very strong, hates fighting at close range, preffering to keep distance while she fights. She can get a bit flushed, and is not good at thinking on her feet, and always ends up on the ground, trying to realise what happened. 

Themis Asterious

Fears: Pathophobia

Token: Her silk black scarf

Allies: None

Backstory: Themis was the niece of the mayor, so lived in luxury all her life. She had many friends, but prefered to stick to herself, and usually only talked to them during the actual lessons, and sit alone at lunches, breaks and when she got home. Since in District 9 they were taught how to grow plants, but also how to recognise good plants, but also bad plants. Ones to avoid, that would help her in the game. Since she was the niece of the mayor she never needed to get tesserae, so she only had her name in the minimum times, so was never really sure how she could get reaped, but sadly for her she was reaped when she was 12. Luckily for her though someone was wanting to volunteer this year, and she got off. Sure that her luck had come now, she passed when she was 13 and 14 and luckily survived the reapings, but when she was 15 she was reaped for a second time, but without a volunteer this time.

Personality: Themis is very quiet, and prefer to stick to herself, and will know how to survive. Knowing survival techniques, and also what to eat, and what not to eat. She is also very strong willed, and will not bend to others opinions, and the Gamemakers will find it hard to break her spirit.

Height: 5'3

Bloodbath Strategy: Themis will not go in for the bloodbath, and will run straight out. Bolting as far as she can, and just finding an area where she can relax, and be safe for a night.

Games Strategy: She will keep low, try and steal from other tributes, killing them as she goes. She will also keep stocked on basics such as water, and food, and keep near a source of water or food.

Interview Angle: Quiet, strong-willed and opinionated.

District TenEdit

Halycon TheradrasEdit

Name: Halycon Theradras

Age: 15

District: 10

Gender: Male

Weapons: Khopesh and Net

Strengths: He is skilled with weapons such as a khopesh, and a net, preffering to stick to close range fighting. He is very strong, and is amazing in close range combat, and is really strong.

Weaknesses: He is not the fastest, but he never really needs to run, always wanting to stay and fight. He can get very flushed, and make rash decisions which could impact his life. He is also unable to scale trees due to his heavy weight.

Fears: Ranidaphobia

Token: His string necklace

Allies: Careers

Backstory: Halycon was a normal boy. He had two parents, and a sister. He went to school, he had friends, he played with them. He watched the games each year, and always saw them an unecissary thing, fearing that he or his sister were reaped. He tried to not let this ruin his life though, and tried to live a life without fear. He worked in

Halycon Theradras

his parents shop, when he wasnt at school, and tried his best to help them. They owned a small clothes shop, that sold the basics, and he helped as a tailor, fixing old clothes, and making new ones. This gave him great skills while making netted things, hence him being able to make a net in the arena, but also gave him great control over his hands, and made it easy for him to hand weapons, as he could focus on the detail. And sadly when he was 15, he was reaped for the Hunger Games, with no volunteers.

Personality: Halycon is just a normal person, who would do anything to get home to his family. He is not a vicious person, but will kill. He is decently intelligent, but can be a bit hot headed, and make decisions he will regret, that may end his life.

Height: 5'8

Bloodbath Strategy: Due to him being with the careers, he will participate in the Bloodbath, which his main plan being to try and get a weapon, and take out as many of the tributes as he can, while helping the careers.

Games Strategy: He will stick with the careers, but will make sure to show his importance at every chance he can, so that he will be able to stay with the careers, and try and win the Hunger Games.

Interview Angle: Normal, dedicated and handsome.

Elk ChienEdit

Name: Elk Chien

Age: 14

District: 10

Gender: Female

Weapons: Throwing Axe and Axe

Strengths: Elk is actually very skilled with a lot of weapons, which includes both close range weapons, an axe, but also very long ranged weapons like throwing axes. She is also very fast.

Weaknesses: Despite being able to use close range weapons, she is not that strong naturally. She is also not a good climber or swimmer, due to District 10 being mainly flat dry ground, with not many places to learn to swim or climb.

Fears: Glossophobia

Token: A silver anklet

Allies: None

Backstory: Elk lived on a small farm just outside of the center of District 10. Her family took care of sheep, cows and a small family of deer. Focusing on helping the animals grow, and then slaughtering them viciously and selling them on the market for a good chunk of money. Her family was never ever poor, and she had a good life. She never

Elk Chien

had any siblings, and was never held back. She learned how to live in the wild, and learned what plants to eat, and how to survive incase she was ever reaped for the Hunger Games, and sadly for her this game true. When she was only 14, hardly lived her life, she was reaped for the Hunger Games, and sadly no one volunteered for her.

Personality: Elk is a very kind girl, who always considers how others will feel. She has high morals, but will result to killing if she has to. She is also decently intelligent, knowing how to supply herself with food, and also some basics on how to live in the wild.

Height: 5'0

Bloodbath Strategy: Elk will never ever go into the bloodbath, as she is in no way fast enough, or strong enough. She will make sure she gets out as fast as she can, and try and locate a source of food such as a plant bush.

Games Strategy: As I said before, she will make sure she is in a prime place so that she is at a constant source of food, but also so that she can flee. She will not kill, and will only have a weapon if she needs to defend herself.

Interview Angle: Kind, moralic and intelligent.

District ElevenEdit

Brock OlsenEdit

District: 11

District Partner: n/a

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Weight: 250 pounds

Height: 6'6 feet

Brock has dark skin. He is very tall and has a large frame. He is very muscular. He usually wears a white shirt and a blue jacket. He has black long hair.

Brock is just like any person in District 11, he worked everyda

Brock Olsen

y as a harvester. The only thing is, he is very tall and big. Added with all the work he does, his body has developed to become muscular. He is always looking to help out his family even entering his name for the reapings twice as much as any other person in district 11 so that he can give tessera to them. This would most likely would be the cause why he is always thought to be the one representing district 11 in the hunger games. 

Brock is very funny, even though it was not allowed while working. He would always joke about the peacekeepers and how weird they are.  

Skills: He prefers using a mace. Combined with his brute force he is able to crush boulders.

Strengths: He has great endurance and he is very strong.

Weakness: Childish for his age.

Weapons: Mace

Token: a rock.

Initial Strategy: Get really close to fellow district tribute.

Bloodbath Strategy: Get to the weapons and grab a mace. Hit everyone in sight with mace except fellow district 11 tribute.

Games Strategy: Grab food and shelter. Wait and ambush tributes. Kill district 11 tribute female last. Become the Victor.

May MorningleavesEdit

Name: May Morningleaves 

Age: 13

Gender: Female

District: 11

Appearence: May is quite pretty. Healthy and young. She seems to have this aura of warmth around her, maki

Avatat May

May Morningleaves

ng people feel comfortable around her. Everything about her seems young almost a bit childish. Her skin is very brown. Her hair is black and straight, it flows from down, reaching a bit under her chest, but it's usually kept up in a ponytail or a bun to make sure it doesn't get in her way. She hasn't have much to eat and is therefor quite thin but not skinny, though. Her eyes are so dark brow that most people think that her eyecolor is black, and it's hard to see her pupils in contrast to the dark brown.

Height: May is rather small of her age, only reaching 5'0 for a 13 year old. This make her appear less supirior and more young and has probably favored her. Some people may just think of her as a robot if she didn't look young so her height is one of the few things that can help people pin-point her real age. This also make her look pretty cute and somewhat childish. People seem to relax in her presence. Her small height has also caused that she's not very strong and her being underfed doesn't really help that.

Personality: Although she is very young and looks very young, her mental age is anything but childish. After her father died, she became extremly responsible and very dedicated, and she always makes sure that she has her
May Reaping

May- Reapings

stuff done, so that she can help people who doesn't. She's a natrual leader but she doesn't dare to step up unless there isn't any other leader, because she's scared that people will hate her if she just takes the leadership without approval from others. Because, beneath her respondsible facade, she's actually very stressed and sad, trying to always be perfect. She's such a perfection, only accepting the best from herself, and if she fails she feels so guilty, that it eats her up and almost tears her apart. But she never tell anyone how stressed she is as she doesn't think that anyone will care. She tries her best to be friendly and happy, if she can but beneath she's under the pressure of her perfectionistic self. She is quite serious, often, and can be coldhearted if situation creave it. May has given too much of herself for so long, that she doesn't even seem like a child anymore. She seems like a adult, trapped inside a child's body. But few things, such as climbing, can awake the 13-year-old girl hiding deep inside May.

Weapon: When you look at May, you wouldn't believe that she's very powerful. You wouldn't think she could use any weapons. That's where people would be wrong because May can wield two weapons, to a very good extend. Her primary weapon is a machete. She learned how to use one when she worked in the orchards, cutting down branches and leaves that hangs in the way. However, she can and will use it to kill if she's put in danger. Her second weapon is a shepherd's sling. A piece of tight fabric where you can place a rock in, and hurl it off towards your victim. May would use those in the orchards, if she needed to shoot something down from the trees, or scare small animals away. The weapon looks quite puny and does have a hard time killing, but a shot to the head, can cause permanent braindamage, and the weapon is quite good to quickly make May's foes unable to fight. When May encoutered animals in the orchards, she would use her sling, to send a rock to their head to petrify it. Then, she would kill with her machete. Those days, May's siblings would eat good.

Background: May was born into a poor family as the older daughter. She and her parents lived happily together. But then, when May was around 7 years old her mother got pregmant again and it was triplets. May was overly happy on her mother's behalf, eventhough they didn't have enough money to effort taking care of triplets. May signed up as a orchard worker to make more money for the family. After school she worked in the most overgrowed orchards. She would climb in and use a machete to cut through branches and other plant-stuff if there was too much weed/branches in the way. She wasn't paid that well but it was enough plus she learned how to use a machete. Although the family had a hard time working it around the money, they made it okay... Well until, her father died. He was caught in a riot and shot down by some peacekeepers even though he didn't even participate in the riot. The family was devestated. May had to work harder and help her mother taking care of the triplets. They barely managed to get food. But even more changed happened in May's life. Her mother was raped, and got pregmant again. 9 months after, another little sister was added to the family. Because of this, the family could barely feed themself. Her mother and May had to take work-shifts, where one would work and the other would take care of the children. Because of this, May matured much faster than she was supposed to. As a 13-year-old she's barely a child anymore. She's a adult trapped inside a girl body.

Strength: Well May's best skill her ability to climb. No matter how tall the trees is she will never be afraid of climbing because she would never fall because of the time she has spent in the orchards, climbing around. She can climb almost anything and do it swift and silent too. Another skill she has developed is her agility. It mostly came from all her climbing, because she would have to be quick but also dodge a lot of branches and such that would block her ways in the overgrowned orchards. Another skill she learned was about edible plants, which was edible and which wasn't. Going around in the orchards, she would quickly learn about different plants, and when no one was looking she would pick a few to take home to her starving family.

Weakness: May isn't strong. She's agile but has never had much muscle training. Her being underfed has kept her from devolping strength even with her daily physical activity. That makes her very easy to beat in a hand to hand combat. She could have been stronger if she had been taller, but she's also rather small of her age making her
May Arena

May- Arena

even easier to beat. Another weakness of hers is that she can be soft towards 12-year-olds. She will kill in The Hunger Games in order to survive but she can't kill 12 year olds. She has siblings that age and she just think that as the older one, she should take care of them. Not kill them.

Fears: May does not have a lot of fears. Her life just simply doesn't have a room for it. If her siblings are scared because a spider crawled into their room she can not just yell for help. She has to be the one taking care of it. Her life as an early adult has made her rather brave, having to stand up for her fears when her siblings were too afraid. She fears not living up to everyone's expectations and dissapointing anyone. She fears that something will happen to her family if she dies or if she mess up and does the wrong thing. As for a more physical fear, she's rather afraid of snakes. She got bitten by a poison one while working in the orchards. Luckily for her it was an "intemidation bite" where snakes will only use half dosis of poison to scare threats away but she was still in life danger. She reached the hospital and got her antidote but ever since then she has been scared of snakes.

Interview Angle: May knows that most people are underestimate her in the arena. That most will not sponsor her. She wants to change that, even though she may not be able to all that much. May will act prepared and a slightly confident but not too much to be unrealistic for a female tribute as young as her. She will act humble towards the Capitol, breathtaken by it's appearance. She will be friendly and helpful to Ceasar showing of her good manners and respondsible side. She will make her serious side vanish to a more friendly persona, although she will not act silly or childish.

Bloodbath Angle: In the bloodbath May won't run far in knowing that her she is not the fastest runner (although she's not slow either). Using her agility she will sprint of the plate and grap some supplies, whatever is right in front of her. She won't go for food since she can get that herself. If she can, she will get some piece of fabrick (it shouldn't be that far away from her considering it's just fabrick) which she will later make into a sling. After she get's some fabrick (or some other supplies if fabrick is not nearby) she will and meet up with her allies and quickly get out of there. 

May- Victor

Token: May carries a green necklace with a wooden leaf as a charm. The necklace was her grandmothers and May's mother wanted to give it to May when she got older but because of May getting reaped, May's mother decide to give it to her already. The necklace is a small string with tiny dark green beads. In the middle their hangs a charm made of wood, shaped like a leaf. It wasn't an original part of the necklace, but May's siblings made it for her.

Alliance: May can fit into most alliances. She will mostlikely find someone around her age, a 12, 13 or 14-year-old as she feels her need to protect them, but she can actually fit into any alliance and seems to get along with most. She won't take the role as the leader unless someone else steps up. If she allies with a older tribute, she may get a bit confused, that someone is actually trying to protect since no one else has done that for her. She would never ally with the careers, and they probably won't accept her either. She's most likely to ally with a young tribute or two and stick with them to the end. She would never backstab someone she will protect.

District TwelveEdit

Byron SamsonEdit

Name: Byron Samson  Age: 14

District: 12

Gender: Male

Weapons: Long Knife and Short Sword

Strengths: Byron is very skilled with close range weaponry, but is also pretty good with hand to hand combat, and other fighting skills. He is also decently smart, and strategic. Always having a plan.

Weaknesses: He is not the fastest, and has trouble running over rough terrains. He is also not a good climber, with never being able to get a good foot hold. Also, his long range weaponry skills are terrible, with him never being able to strike a target.

Fears: Pagophobia

Token: None

Allies: None

Backstory: Byron has a twisted childhood. He lived in the Seam, with his 2 older sisters and his parents. Or his father. His mother died of pneumonia 3 years after he was born, and his dad never got over this. He had a job, and supplied food for Byron and his two sisters. But he never seemed to be right again, and Byron was heavily affected

Byron Samson

by this. His two older sisters seemed to get off fine, with both being substantially older than him, Saramiss being 6 years older than him, and Jarala being 9 years older. Both of them left before Byron had any really trouble, and Jarala moved to District 11 when Byron was 12. Saramiss moved out a year later, and was married when Byron turned 14. He went to school, but despised it, hating everyone in his class, wanting to kill them. He always imagined killing in the Hunger Games, but never wanted to enter, but sadly he was reaped, having his name in the reaping bowl 19 times already.

Personality: Byron is a slightly sinister boy. He likes to see others pain, and always enjoyed watching the games, as he loved to see other people suffer. He is quite intelligent, but more in maths and sciences that live skills, and knowlege about plants.

Height: 5'2

Bloodbath Strategy: He will not try to go in at the bloodbath, and will just run to the edge, conceiling himself with shrubery. He will then observe what is happening, and analyse the situation before escaping, trying to spot what the other tributes can do.

Games Strategy: Stay low, and keep out of the cameras. He will do nothing to draw attention to himself, and keep in the shadows, so that the gamemakers will forget to target him, and will only set traps once few are left.

Interview Angle: Sinister, painful and intelligent.

Lindsay TereenEdit

Name: Lindsay Tereen

Age: 16

District: 12

Gender: Female

Weapon: Bow and Arrow

Skills: Aim, speed 
Lindsay T

Lindsay Tereen

Weaknesses: Climbing

Allies: Will not ask to join the Careers, but if they ask her she will join. Other than that, Lindsay works alone. 

Backstory: Lindsay's parents are shopkeepers. They are one of the wealthiest families in this district, but they still need one person's tessera. Lindsay had a brother who was reaped into the games at 16. He was in second place, killed by a District 1 tribute. Lindsay turned 13 that day, so she was both mad (at District 1) and sad (her brother couldn't be with her). When his body arrived, Lindsay gave his grave an engraving that says, "I miss you and love you, Lindsay." Lindsay vows to kill both District 1 tributes.

District ThirteenEdit

Shadow TitanEdit

Age: 17

Skills: A trained soldier, he knows how to fight extremely well. Good at throwing spears and sparring with swords.

Weaknesses: Hates the Capitol

Strategy: He just wants to win and go home, he doesn't care what he has to do to win. 

Shadow Titan

Personality: Used to be friendly and funny until his siblings died, now he is dark and secretive.

History: A soldier for District 13. One day when he was out with his squad, a bombing killed his older sister and younger brother, leaving him heartbroken. Now he hates the Capitol and everything about them, and wants to mock them by winning their precious games.

More info: prefers not to have an alliance, learn survival skills in training (already has weapons training), dark/secretive angle in the interview, defy the Capitol in private training somehow, possibly grab a backpack and a weapon from the cornucopia and flee.

Lucky LoveEdit

Age: 16

Skills: A trained soldier, she knows how to fight extremely well. Good at throwing knives and sparring with swords


Lucky Love

Weaknesses: Easily seen, not good at hiding. Doesn't trust anyone.

Strategy: Ally with the careers if she can. Stay with them until the end, when she'll turn into a vicious killing machine and destroy anyone in her path. 

Personality: Careful and precise about everything she does. Doesn't trust anyone and therefore doesn't try making any friends.

History: A soldier for District 13. She is more of a spy, and always carries her cell phone with her. When anything goes wrong, she calls District 13. She couldn't manage to sneak the phone into the games.

More info: wants career alliance, spy on other tributes in training to figure out their strategies while perfecting her weaponry/sparring skills, confident interview angle, hopefully stick with the careers during the bloodbath (if they won't ally with her, she plans to kill them in the bloobath)