Vicki Diamonds

Vicki Diamonds
The Kind Career
Age 17
District 2
Gender Female
Weapon Knife
Place  ?
Training Score 9
Made By Kayleigh Rockstar

District 2 Female

Age: 17

Personality: Sweet, sometimes too kind

Weapon: Knife

Strengths: fast, strength

weaknesses: sweetness, boys

Fears: Death, snakes, spiders

IA: sweet

TS: train

ITS: show them what she is made of

BS: kill some tributes, but leave that to Zendra

GS: stay with careers, leave with zendra after final 8

FBS: kill, but try to leave it to others

FS: make others get it

Token: pink pendant on purple chain

Alliance: careers

Backstory: She grew up right next to Zendra Junip, her fellow tribute, and they were best friends. Vicki's dad died in a bombing along with Zendra's younger sister, Alexandra. Basically like any other life after that.