Name:Yuka Blazer 

Yuka Blazer
Age 18
District Capitol
Gender Female
Weapon Awl, Battleaxe, Hammer
Place  ?
Training Score 9
Made By XXToxicScreamxx


Gender: Female

District: Capitol

Personality: Shy, calm and could be very harsh very easyly

Weapon(s): Awl, Battle axe, hammer

Physical Appearance: Yuka has long, purple hair and matching eyes. She has light skin and black tattoos on her cheeks.

Strengths: Sneaky, strong

Weakness(es): slowness, swimming

Fear: Not getting what she wants

Interview Angle: Happy and smile alot

Training Strategy: Do everything every single day of training to get better

Individual Training Strategy: Use all of her strengths to impress

Bloodbath Strategy: Run to alliance and gather supplies

Games Strategy: Protect alliance no matter what

Feast Strategy: Kill tributes and take all of the items

Yuka Blazer- Capitol

Final Battle Strategy: Choke the victum and smack 'em with anything

Token: A purple heart necklace

Alliance: Any alliance ( Note: Must be in one )

Backstory: Yuka was daddy's little girl, her mother died during a bombing. She has a step mother that she hates. She was planing to kill her, but she thought it was alittle too crazy. Yuka had alot of friends and everyone loved her. She sometimes breaks down and just cries and get very very mad. She does it at random times, she can't control it. At the reaping, when her name was called she was sure someone take her place but no one did, they just stared and sobed. Yuka was mad at her friends so she swore she wouldn't be like them, she would protect her alliance and win this.