Zendra Junip

Zendra Junip
The Fighting Female
Age 17
District 2
Gender Female
Weapon Sword, Bow and Arrow
Place 50th
Training Score 10
Made By Kayleigh Rockstar

District 2 Female

Age: 17

Personality: Kinder to the Careers then the other tributes, but isn't that kind

Weapons: Bow, Knife

Strengths: Aim, Fast, Fighting

Weaknesses: Most Tributes

Fears: Bees (counting our favorite type, Tracker Jackers)

Interview Angle: Kind, Sweet, Beautiful

Training Stradegy: Show off, snicker at failing tributes

Individiul Training Stradegy: do anything that seems impressive to show her skills

Bloodbath Stradegy: Kill off the tributes and gaurd the cornocopia

Games Stradegy: stay with the careers until final 8, then take district partner and kill others

Feast Stradegy: grab their item and go

Final Battle Stradegy: Kill, try to keep herself alive

Zendra Junip- District Two

Token: none

Alliance: Careers

Backstory: Her house was burned down 5 times. Thrice by fire, twice by bombs. She doesn't have anything left and only has few clothes. All the peacekeepers love her because she helps takes down rebels and criminals, which made her a better fighter. She lives with her mother and father and her best friend, Vicki.